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Articles and Publications

PLATFORM, Powerful bodies, essay by Max Kaario, 2022

Plinth, Horsing Around, essay by Eloise Hendy, 2022

studio international, Kate Groobey, interview by Anna McNay, 2022

Apple and Hat, NADA Curated 'Like a child,' review by Rebecca Geldard, 2022

SIM SMITH, Prospect & Refuge, Artist Q&A with David Surman, 2022

SIM SMITH, Wild Horses, press release by Nancy Dewe Mathews, 2021

The Brooklyn Rail, Wild Horses, Artseen by Claire Phillips, 2021

SIM SMITH, Start Again, essay by Charlotte Jansen, 2020

SIM SMITH, Start Again, press release, 2020

SIM SMITH, Start Again, in conversation with Omar López-Chahoud, 2020

SUPER FLATLAND, essay by Paul Carey-Kent, White Conduit Projects, 2020

RIBOT, Assholes of Ambition, catalogue essay/ edited by Maria Villa, 2019

Bijutsu Techo (Japanese), by Yuko Harada, 2018

Bijutsu Techo (English), Stepping into the Picture, by Yuko Harada, 2018

Metropolis, Pure Pleasure, interview with Julia Mascetti, 2018

IKON, Pure Pleasure, text by Jonathan Watkins, 2018

Mizuma Gallery, Something Flippant (Pure Pleasure), catalogue essay by Jonathan Watkins, 2018

Outsideleft, Kate Groovy! by Ancient Champion, 2018

Metropolis, Pure Pleasure by Kate Groobey, text and interview by Julia Mascetti, 2018

Aesthetica Magazine, Daiwa Foundation Art Prize, interview, 2018

The Brooklyn Rail, I’m Made of Milk, review by Alfred Mac Adam, 2017

SEAN HORTON (PRESENTS), I'm Made of Milk, press release, 2017

Ever Gold Projects, The Good Life, press release, 2017

Novembre Magazine, Story: Kate Groobey, by Jean-Salomé Rochat, 2017

Dinaburgarts, Three Women Refashion Figuration, essay by Alfred Mac Adam, 2017

Redling Fine Art, Perfect Potatoes, press release, 2016

Printed Matter, Painting Regarding The Present, by André Hemer, 2016 
ID-Vice (German), Groobey Paints The Body The Way We Feel It, Zsuzsanna Toth, 2016

ID-Vice (English), Groobey Paints The Body The Way We Feel It, Zsuzsanna Toth,2016

David Lynch Club, Perfect/Parfait, press release, 2015

Dapper Dan Magazine, Opinions and Inspirations, Pants down! 
Thames & Hudson, 100 Painters of Tomorrow, 2014 
Metro, London, Bloomberg New Contemporaries ICA, review by Fisun Güner, 2012

New York Arts Magazine, Groobey Dismembers, Then Reassembles by Madeleine Jones, 2011

Artlyst, The ICA Finds Its Legs, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, by Alison Seligman, 2011

Bloomberg New Contemporaries Catalogue Text, Heather Phillipson, 2011 
Newspeak: British Art Now Part II Catalogue Text, Paticia Ellis, 2010 
Electronic Beats Magazine, Modern Painting: Canvasing New Truth, Emer Grant, 2010

Mare Street Biennale catalogue Text, Douglas Park, 2010

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